Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Spectrum of Gender from Male to Female

To All God's Children,

-->I think people get confused as to what constitutes female and what means male. There is no easy categorization because socially their roles overlap and sometimes biologically they can overlap as well. Biologically speaking there are the “third gender” people who have both male and female genitals or the genetically induced pseudo-hermaphrodites and I’m guessing they are free to categorize themselves how they desire.
However, socially, in some Native American cultures they assigned a third gender if a man danced more like a woman. The roles do overlap which make me think that they exist on a spectrum. That is, males range from stereotypically masculine to stereotypically feminine characteristics, but females exist on this same spectrum from the girliest girl to the tommiest tomboy.
Within this spectrum, “gay” males and girly girls share a lot in common while manly men correlate personality-wise with some “dykes” (forgive me for the word). Because not all lesbians are boy acting and not all gays are feminine acting they would fall somewhere within the spectrum. My perspective on the gay and straight thing: it’s a matter of social identity where people take roles to minimize the aggression.

Alpha male and, I believe also, Alpha female dominate the gay and straight pack members. This helps maintain the peace among the group in there are aren’t multiple males competing for the women to mate with and similar for the dominate female. I would assume an openly gay male in evolutionary terms would be more desirable for maintaining the peace. Now, I’m not saying gays are submissive to the straight male, but they are smart to not argue with a big dumb horny aggressive head male.

Peace be with you

The Uncarved Block

To All God's Children,

-->One of my professors is an uncarved block. The “uncarved block” (because I know you’re wondering) is a Tao master or a person who is untainted by the modern order of the world. He is forty, but he acts like a five year old maintaining a sense of wonder, always asking questions, and in tune with his playful nature.
Money has little importance to him; he isn’t tainted by the need to feel important by making a lot of money (or more money than his wife for example). He loves to play basketball probably for the coordination, grace, and rhythm of the sport; basketball could be perceived as a “masculine” form of competitive dance when thought of in this way.

He’s calm and quiet although I feel it’s been misinterpreted by people as being cold, calculating and apathetic. He has passion and I think that’s why he liked my essays for class so much. He has compassion whether he realizes it or not; he told us once that he “hates people”, but it’s probably because the way people use and abuse each other is absurd. He’s an uncarved block and we share so many qualities in common. I consider him a very interesting and special friend.

The Coexistence of the Soul and Body

To All God's Children,

-->The washcloth example: Water in the washcloth is absorbed and can be retained. Both washcloth and water are separate, but held together as one. Mind and soul can exist within the body, but can be released when ready. So when we die, it’s like the death angel wringing us out to dry. The spiritual energy built up within the body must go somewhere (matter cannot be created or destroyed) so it escapes the body into the environment and exists as a bodiless mind. Just a thought.

Transcending Labels and Stereotypes

To All God's Children,

-->White males, especially in our modern society, are unique in the sense that they are bound by many stereotypes that flatten them to a single identity. So white males are the most likely person to transcend labels and become fulfilled. Furthermore, I suppose white females transcend all labels except their femininity. They are the pinnacle of femininity so are free to love and be in love without constraints. Good for them, bad for the other raced women. Unfortunately in our society, if you are a single woman who is perceived as unloved then you are also perceived as having less value.
But love is not the only way a woman can draw value. I think a strong woman is one who isn’t afraid to show love, emotions and compassion for others. In our society we define strength as people who want to take control and run things. That’s why many people see Hillary Clinton as a strong woman. This is true, but also people like Florence Nightingale were strong women who had big hearts, sensitivity and a drive to save the less fortunate.

The Stress of Being Right

To All God's Children,

-->These nitpicky phds can’t think for themselves always running to a book or a higher power (professor or scholar) for an answer. This is my freedom by choosing to not live my life that way. I may be smarter then average or I may be a simpleton; I may be right about so many things or only guessing and be just as wrong. I feel like regardless of whether we get the answers from a book (which comes from another person) or ourselves (our own mind) it can be refuted, denounced or proven wrong in a number of years anyway. So what’s the point of panicking over wrong information? Might as well live, be free, and guess with a clear mind that you don’t have to be right about anything and that’s ok.

What are you blogging about? Oh, Nothing.

To All God's Children,

-->Nothing. I have an inner calm that's effortless to maintain. When I get angry I feel nothing; when I cry I feel nothing; even when I’m happy I feel nothing; when I make love I feel nothing; nothing but calm. At the end of the Diary of Anne Frank, there’s a second hand account of her dying in the concentration camp and the last thing she said was “I feel nothing.” Perhaps nothing is the most natural thing we can feel. Returning our bodies to nature is like returning it to nothing. She died at peace with nature; her soul escaping.

Predicting Someone's Personality

To All God's Children,

-->Race is not a good predictor of personality and other qualities, but it’s the easiest for a lay person to use. Just look at a person’s skin color and then you automatically know everything. In my opinion, hometown, self-interests and occupation would be a better predictor of personality than skin color and facial feature.
African Americans, we wear our skin like the Star of David on Jews during WWII. I suppose Jews do still stand out like African Americans because of our noses, but also Jewish last names stand out. Unlike common Jewish names like Goldberg, common Black surnames like Jones, Jackson, and Brown help us blend in.