Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Transcending Labels and Stereotypes

To All God's Children,

-->White males, especially in our modern society, are unique in the sense that they are bound by many stereotypes that flatten them to a single identity. So white males are the most likely person to transcend labels and become fulfilled. Furthermore, I suppose white females transcend all labels except their femininity. They are the pinnacle of femininity so are free to love and be in love without constraints. Good for them, bad for the other raced women. Unfortunately in our society, if you are a single woman who is perceived as unloved then you are also perceived as having less value.
But love is not the only way a woman can draw value. I think a strong woman is one who isn’t afraid to show love, emotions and compassion for others. In our society we define strength as people who want to take control and run things. That’s why many people see Hillary Clinton as a strong woman. This is true, but also people like Florence Nightingale were strong women who had big hearts, sensitivity and a drive to save the less fortunate.