Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Spectrum of Gender from Male to Female

To All God's Children,

-->I think people get confused as to what constitutes female and what means male. There is no easy categorization because socially their roles overlap and sometimes biologically they can overlap as well. Biologically speaking there are the “third gender” people who have both male and female genitals or the genetically induced pseudo-hermaphrodites and I’m guessing they are free to categorize themselves how they desire.
However, socially, in some Native American cultures they assigned a third gender if a man danced more like a woman. The roles do overlap which make me think that they exist on a spectrum. That is, males range from stereotypically masculine to stereotypically feminine characteristics, but females exist on this same spectrum from the girliest girl to the tommiest tomboy.
Within this spectrum, “gay” males and girly girls share a lot in common while manly men correlate personality-wise with some “dykes” (forgive me for the word). Because not all lesbians are boy acting and not all gays are feminine acting they would fall somewhere within the spectrum. My perspective on the gay and straight thing: it’s a matter of social identity where people take roles to minimize the aggression.

Alpha male and, I believe also, Alpha female dominate the gay and straight pack members. This helps maintain the peace among the group in there are aren’t multiple males competing for the women to mate with and similar for the dominate female. I would assume an openly gay male in evolutionary terms would be more desirable for maintaining the peace. Now, I’m not saying gays are submissive to the straight male, but they are smart to not argue with a big dumb horny aggressive head male.

Peace be with you