My Path to God

Before you turn away from this page please know that I was virtually agnostic before my baptism.  My mother was a Sunday School teacher so I knew a lot about the Bible and I still didn't believe it. The first day I heard the truth about the Bible, I wanted to be baptized. 

For so long I lived in the dark, blown about with the wind.  I carried many burdens in my mind and thought very little of people including myself.  I felt isolated and fearful, always desiring to draw value from material possessions including nice clothes, a nice car, cool friends, and good grades.  

When my life started to fall apart I lost many so called friends, my grades dropped, no graduate school acceptance, no job offers, my family miles away in a different city and my car wrecked.  Still, I held onto something.  Even before I could know God I could feel something around me.  Even now, my material possessions remain at a distance, but I live life happy and peaceful everyday.

Is this why I came to where I am now?  To find my path to God?  I was stripped of everything, but I persevered.  I was stripped of my pride, my friends, my family, my dignity, my health, my sustenance, my wealth, even my happiness and yet I love God still.  So much I love God.