My (Yet to be Famous) Quotes

Really though, the only difference we have between other animals are our opposable thumbs and our cortexes. ~ me

My thoughts are fragile I always lose a couple one out of every hundred or so. ~ me

Laziness is impeding my intellect. ~ me

My life would not be as interesting if i weren't so absent minded. ~me

My happiest hour was when I learned I had a beautiful smile despite the years of neglecting it. ~ me

My love of history stems from a lack of being able to keep up to date. ~ me

I like researching because instead of constantly asking why a phenomenon exists, I can actually manipulate behaviors in a way that will give me my answer. ~me

It’s easy to forgive people when you can properly attribute the cause for their behaviors. ~me

It’s so hard to keep track of my thoughts. ~ me

I tried so hard to become a failure and I succeeded. ~me

I think meals taste better when you don’t have to cook them yourself or at least alone. ~me

I wish I could kiss the earth and take its pain away. ~me

I guess I shouldn’t abandon all labels [stereotypes] or I’ll be nothing.  That’s all we are anyway.  ~me

By default is everyone’s dad a motherf**ker? Just a thought. ~ quote by myself.

You don’t have to know much to understand everything ~me