Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Uncarved Block

To All God's Children,

-->One of my professors is an uncarved block. The “uncarved block” (because I know you’re wondering) is a Tao master or a person who is untainted by the modern order of the world. He is forty, but he acts like a five year old maintaining a sense of wonder, always asking questions, and in tune with his playful nature.
Money has little importance to him; he isn’t tainted by the need to feel important by making a lot of money (or more money than his wife for example). He loves to play basketball probably for the coordination, grace, and rhythm of the sport; basketball could be perceived as a “masculine” form of competitive dance when thought of in this way.

He’s calm and quiet although I feel it’s been misinterpreted by people as being cold, calculating and apathetic. He has passion and I think that’s why he liked my essays for class so much. He has compassion whether he realizes it or not; he told us once that he “hates people”, but it’s probably because the way people use and abuse each other is absurd. He’s an uncarved block and we share so many qualities in common. I consider him a very interesting and special friend.